2020 National Housing, Priority for Small People SMEs
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The National Housing Committee based on the New Economic Center (SEB) is led by Moh Syaiful Bahri Hasania. Secretary Sutiyono Wawanda. General responsible Nicolas Agung SR. Chairperson of the location committee of the bobble Afi Rafi. Chairperson of the Singkawang Djoni Rachmanto location committee.

2020 National Housing, Priority for Small People SMEs

JAKARTA today | In an effort to help the government to meet the needs of the community for housing, the National Housing committee team, prepares housing construction that collaborates with the one million housing program launched by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) with the concept of housing development based on the New Economic Center (SEB).

Head of the National Housing committee team, Moh Syaiful Bahri Hasania, secretary Sutiyono Wawanda, general manager Nicolas Agung SR said, the SEB-based housing consists of type 36 houses that are equipped with shopping facilities, namely mini mall plaza and modern plot market.

The SEB-based housing sales target is 60 percent of micro, small and medium enterprises or MSMEs with technical payments without down payment and no interest, and the general public with a technical bank of 40 percent.

“Besides that, in the construction process, the National Housing team also empowered local contractors,” said Moh. Syaiful Bahri Hasania, Sunday (12/29).

Syaiful Bahri, who is said to be a candidate for Managing Director of Perumnas, said the laying of the first stone as the inauguration of the SEB-based housing development will later be held at two pilot project locations, namely in Jonggol, Bogor, West Java and Singkawang, West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan).

“At present, the National Housing team plans to carry out the construction of SEB-based housing units of 1,000 units in each district in Indonesia.

“The inauguration of the SEB-based housing development which will take place at these two pilot project locations is planned to invite Megawati Soekarno Putri and Puan Maharani,” he added.

Location of the pilot project in Suka Negara village, Jonggol, Bogor.

In the Jonggol pilot project, Chairman of the executive committee Afi Rafi said the location was planned in Suka Negara village, Bogor Regency. In this 50.05 ha location, 2,500 units are planned to be built with playground facilities, clinics, places of worship, mini malls, modern plot markets and real estate concepts that will facilitate SMEs residents and business people.

In the village location Suka Negara can also be developed from the 50-200 ha site prepared by Moh Syaiful Bahri Hasania. This outstanding son from Gorontalo has experience in primary property. He is also active as an Apperindo organization (Association of Indonesian Housing Developers), as Deputy Chairperson. And the implementing contractor is a member of Apperindo PT Citra Makmur Perkasa.

The latest 2020 National Housing Data for UKM users who have registered are 1,025 modern home and plot buyers.

The recap of the location of the area of ​​50 ha, the statement letter of no dispute, along with the name of the land owner had already been handed over by the committee with the Village Apparatus and the main owner, had been done. This is intended so that there is no doubt from the committee to work on the initial stages at the intended location.

The marketing program is adjusted after laying the first stone, which is every Saturday and Sunday at the Cheap Bazaar in the open sale combination / UKM product exhibition location. This is intended so that people can directly visit and feel the activities of SMEs in the cool atmosphere. The fresh, pure air of the mountains in the highlands of the house was ordered. “I am responsible for the direction of the Candidate for Managing Director of the 2020 National Housing both in concept and implementation,” Ari Rafi stressed.

Syaiful Bahri Hasania, also hopes that the SEB-based housing program. requires the role of cooperation from relevant ministries such as the Ministry of Public Works and Public Works, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of SOEs, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of PPN / Bappenas, and the local government, so that the one million housing-based program will run as planned.

“With the SEB-based housing, the National Housing committee team hopes that this housing development program can help the government program to boost the fulfillment of houses for the community, especially MSMEs,” said Syaiful Bahri Hasania ended. (Monti)

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