Foreign Tourists Praise Indonesian Railways
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Foreign Tourists Praise Indonesian Railways

JAKARTA today | This land transportation has become one of the mainstay mass modes and priorities in Indonesia, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has been able to carry out intensive and periodic improvements since a few years ago.

PT KAI’s service improvement starts from cleanliness and tidiness, so that it makes the community more comfortable and likes this land transportation compared to other fleets.

That is proven by the intensity of comfort, cleanliness, and neatness that is displayed by PT KAI, both in every station and in the car.

Not only interested by the people of Indonesia, the train is also the choice of many foreigners who travel as a reliable transportation. It was known from the video uploaded on Instagram account @ railfans.indonesia, Tuesday (01/07/2020).

In the short video it is seen that Caucasians are enjoying a trip using the train. One of them was named Veronica who claimed to have taken the train twice in Indonesia.

He praised the food sold on the train. According to him Indonesian-style fried rice available in the car has a delicious taste.

“This is the second time I have come to Yogyakarta by train from Jakarta. Besides the delicious fried rice, I was also very impressed with the coffee. Because the coffee on the train in Germany is very bad and here it is very, very good. Trains have a lot of space, and so far it’s quite on time, “said Veronica.

Veronica came with a friend from Sweden named Annalogra. They will visit one of the tourist destinations in Probolinggo, East Java, namely Mount Bromo.

Separately, a foreigner from Germany also commented on Indonesian trains. Matias revealed his impression of riding a train going to Jakarta – Jogja, and acknowledged that trains in Indonesia are very good.

“Riding a train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, is very good,” explained Matias.

Videos uploaded by the manager of the Instagram @ railfans.indonesia social media account on Tuesday (01/07/2020) yesterday have proven that foreigners from abroad claim to be comfortable and happy to be able to feel the mode of railroad transportation in Indonesia.

Of course, PT KAI’s steps in attracting the public’s interest to use the train should be appreciated. This is inseparable from the hard work of the President Director, Edi Sukmoro and his staff.

They are considered capable of bringing the progress of the Indonesian Railways by continuing to strive to improve services and rejuvenation and make new innovations for the convenience of the users of train services. The public considers that in the future PT KAI under the leadership of Edi Sukmoro is an example that must be emulated by all land, sea and air transportation fleets. (Monty/Beby)

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