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Head of Papua Regional Police: In Order for Students to Return to School, Officials Ensure the Safety of Citizens

WAMENA today | The government appealed to all schools to open schools on Monday morning (07/10) so that the teaching and learning process began, visible activities had begun to start normally conducive, and seen the teachers and students had begun to clean their respective classes .

Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw together with officials to ensure the safety of its citizens, so that students are calm and the teacher is calm in the teaching and learning process and conveyed that the security situation and conditions in Wamena are ensured in a conducive state.

“The Regent and ASN will start government activities today. While doing recovery and rehabilitation, all activities of citizens must have been moving, “said the police chief in his statement, Monday (7/10).

Residents’ activities, continued the head of the Regional Police Head, were gradually normal. Wriggling community economy in the market has been running again, closed shops have reopened their merchandise. Including the vehicles that have been going back and forth on the highway. To keep the situation conducive, an additional Brimob company from East Kalimantan arrived in Wamena on Sunday morning. The addition of Brimob members was done to ensure the safety of local residents.

While refugees who have survived at a number of refuge points have begun to diminish. If refugees are still seen in the Polres and Jayawijaya District Military Command, said the regional police chief is because residents are still doubtful and worried about the situation.

“Please return to your activities, return to your homes. We, the security forces, Brimob, TNI from Battalion and Kodam are already in Wamena. Our safeguards are plated. Residents are expected to be calmer and return to their normal activities, “he explained.

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The Kapolda added, including residents who fled to Jayapura or other locations, to return to Wamena. “Please revive the economy in Wamena, including school activities. The officers are in Wamena to look after the residents, including guarding the school, “concluded the Kapolda. (Monti)

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