Hundreds of South Central Timorese Attend Cultural Festival (TTS) at TMII
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Hundreds of South Central Timorese Attend Cultural Festival (TTS) at TMII

JAKARTA today | In order to introduce the arts and culture of South Central Timor (TTS), the Lapo Billionaire Project held a TTS Cultural Festival, with the theme ‘Amanatun Amanuban Mollo’, attended by hundreds of TSS communities in Jakarta and surrounding areas at the NTT Pavilion, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) Jakarta, Sunday (12/01).

This activity is carried out in line with the Government of the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and the Regency of South Central Timor (TTS) who continue to strive to attract foreign tourists and the archipelago to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of NTT especially TTS Regency.

Chairperson of the TTS Cultural Arts Festival, Head of Military Regional Equipment (Kapaldam) Col. Pal Simon Petrus Kamlasi explained that this activity presented a variety of TTS cultures, such as the process of making ikat weaving traditionally carried out by the children of the Middle East South who were in Jakarta, ” he said.

Inaddition, he continued, this activity also presented a number of traditions that are usually carried out in daily compulsions, such as eating betel nut, mashed betel tradition, mashed corn, weaving selembang cloth and many other TTS traditions,” he explained.

Simon hopes that traditional TTS dances such as war dance and mass dance can be exhibited and exposed, so that it can be introduced in addition to the Indonesian archipelago community to foreign countries so that it attracts tourists to come to TTS,” he hoped.

While on the same occasion the Middle East South Regent (TTS) Egusem Piether Tahun, MT. MM., Added that TTS is very rich in culture and there are also many interesting regions which are not known by their own people, especially the outside world,” he added.

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In addition, continued Egusem, tourist destinations in TTS are actually quite a lot, but not widely known by the public and the outside world. With this activity we are on behalf of the Regional Government and the Society of the Middle East South (TTS) strongly support and express our gratitude to the entire organizing committee, especially Colonel Simon who has initiated the TTS cultural festival so that it is well organized, he said.

This activity is the first time carried out, it is hoped that it will be even greater next year. We will collaborate with the TTS Community in Jakarta so that it can be carried out continuously.

“If it is Continued, the public will know that there are various TTS cultural activities carried out. This is extraordinary,” he concluded. (Monti)

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