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Kulonprogro Regional Police Develops ALWA Application, In 15 Minutes Residents Get Police Services

KULONPROGO, Special Region of Yogyakarta today | Kulonprogro Smart Police Innovation in developing the ALWA Application (Citizen Alarm) Kulonprogro “IT-based Online Application that serves to improve Police Services in the midst of information technology-based society, this application makes it easy for people to get police services quickly.

Alwa Kulonprogo application can be downloaded at Playstore and the App Store has five fairly simple menus consisting of a report menu, a panic button menu, a call center menu, an info menu and a silent alarm menu.

“We want to cut the bureaucracy if the public wants to contact the police,” said Kulonprogo Police Chief Akbp Anggara Nasution, SH, S.Ik. MM when met at the Kulonprogo Mapolres, Jalan Wates-Jogja KM 02, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, Wednesday (09/10).

He explained, the application with a simple menu is very easy for citizens who want a police presence within 24 hours.

“This application is lightweight, when pressed twice, the Command Center alarm at the Kulon Progo Police Station will light up.

At that time, members will immediately respond by visiting the location, within 15 minutes,” explained the Police Chief Until now More or less 2000 users of this application since it was launched on 29 August 2019 then.

Kulonprogo to residents who want to use the Alwa application must first verify. Residents are asked to verify with selfia and ID card.

“This is done so that there are no scams and also fraudulent people, and protect the morale of my members from false information through Alwa,” he explained.

This application is also connected to GPS, Kulonprogo Police Chief gave an example if there are people who need quick service in an emergency, the location of the community has been immediately detected by the Command Center.

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“So it has been connected with a GPS-based reporter without having to share its location. Officers will immediately come to the report point,” he concluded. (Monti)

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