PTPN IV PKS Bah Jambi Maintain Proper Blue
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PTPN IV PKS Bah Jambi Maintain Proper Blue

MEDAN today | North Sumatra – Proper is an assessment of a company’s environmental management performance that requires measurable indicators. This was implemented by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia, which was developed by the Ministry of Environment (KLH) since 1995 with the aim of increasing the role of companies in managing the environment while having a stimulant effect in fulfilling environmental regulations and added value to the preservation of natural resources, energy conservation , and community development to encourage companies to improve their environmental management.

From proper assessment, the company will obtain an image / reputation according to how the environment is managed. The Ministry of Environment has implemented an environmental program called PROPER or Company Performance Rating Assessment Program in Environmental Management.

Bah Jambi PKS is one of PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV’s business units that has received the title of Proper Blue in which the company has undertaken environmental management efforts that are required in accordance with the applicable provisions or regulations (has fulfilled all aspects required by KLH), this is a minimum value which must be achieved by all companies in the field of :
– Water Governance Assessment.
– Land Damage Assessment.
– Marine Pollution Control.
– Hazardous Waste Management.
– Air Pollution Control.
– Water Pollution Control.
– Implementation of EIA.

Rudy Hendrawan Simatupang, PK Jambi Bah PKS Manager at Bah Jambi PKS office. Wednesday (01/15/2020), said that thanks to the hard work, focus and consistency of the Bah Jambi PKS unit that synergizes with District I and the Central Office Strategic Plan, Assessment of Company Performance Ratings in Environmental Management in 2018 2019 PKS Bah Jambi Simalungun District obtained BIRU rating is in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia no SK.1049 / MENLHK / SETJEN / PKL.4 / 12/2019 dated December 16, 2019.

Since 2009 PKS Bah Jambi has received the title of Properda and in 2016 Propernas ranked Blue, in the future PKS Bah Jambi will try harder to be able to rise to the Green Proper rating, he explained. (Tony)

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