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The Story of the Doctor, the heroine of the Nation, Public Health Service

JAKARTA today | After being named the FK Best Lecturer in the UKI 66th Anniversary on 15 October 2019, Dr. Louisa A Langi told about her life story which was full of sacrifice until she entered the village to help victims of natural disasters, and children with malnutrition in her office at the Faculty of Medicine, Indonesia-Cililitan Christian University, Thursday (11/07/2019).

Dr. Louisa who currently serves as the deputy dean of 3 student affairs and is also an alumni at FKUKI tells her life story. Starting when I was sitting in elementary school, both parents (papa-mama) called me and my sister to ask the ideals of both of us … At that time my sister said that she was a doctor, a lot of money to be able to go around the world and I was the older sister to answer to become a priest so I could serve God around Indonesia, her story.

After adult God granted our heart’s desire, my sister can travel the world and myself around Indonesia, he said.

Although our ideals were initially changed by God, my sister Elsye Langi MTh graduated as a Bachelor of Theology at this time in the USA and instead I became a doctor and also a lecturer at FKUKI Jakarta, he said … After 25 years as a doctor, God gave him a bonus at STT Jafray and got his MA degree. I didn’t feel that I had been a doctor for 30 years, including a Community Nutritionist, thanks to God for giving me another opportunity to study a Doctoral Doctoral Program at FK UKI Jakarta and also my sister Elsye Sasongko Langi at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Doctor of Education.

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Around Indonesia as a Doctor in order to help people affected by natural disasters, I have visited most parts of Indonesia and even went out of the country in the same framework to help victims of spices in Nepal … Amidst the call of the soul as a doctor serving sufferers of victims of natural disasters, they never forget to fulfill their duties as a lecturer at FKUKI.

Even for this second period as Vice Dean 3 for Student Affairs, Alumni and Cooperation at FKUKI, I was still able to take the time to help the victims of the Tsunami and Liquidation Disasters in Palu and Banten. The desire to serve the health of victims of natural disasters throughout Indonesia and also deal with children with problems with malnutrition / stunting is my soul’s calling, he added.

The most thrilling experience was when helping victims of spices in Aceh, Lombok and Nepal, because when it came to helping earthquake patients came another aftershock with the strength of the scala richter exceeding the first earthquake. In North Lombok, on the hill where refugees live, when the 7.1 spices came, the refugees screamed in fear and collided with each other, until they were injured and fainted because they were trampled down resulting in casualties and at that time too many victims and I had to deal with alone, he said .. Dr. Louisa, who was born in Minahasa, North Sulawesi precisely on November 4, 1961, despite the age of 58 years, was determined “As long as I am alive and given strength by my God and my husband Dr. Heru Mustika, We will continue to serve the community” without fear of challenges and the danger facing him concluded. (Monti)

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